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Lykeion ton Hellenidon Folk Dance Group performed in many an international and local events such as ΕΧΡΟ 1992 (Seville in Spain), Greek Cultural Month (Russia 1997), EXPO 1998 (Lisbon), Mediterranean Games (Tunisia, 2001)

The Folklore Group Iskraemeco is one the best groups with respect to folk dance in Slovenia and the members of the Ensemble consist of young, scholars and students dedicating to the preservation of the traditional dances and music of Slovenia. The artistic and general coordinator of the Folklore Group Iskraemeco is Mr. Jože Šenk.

Culture Art Association Plamen – Zenica was founded in Zenica in 1964 and from 2007 to 2015 it carried out more than 50 events. The Association with its folk dance ensemble has participated in many an international festivals in different countries in abroad.

The Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS) has a role, which cultivates Gaucho Traditional Dances. It promotes a rich culture of historical and cultural heritage of Brazil to preserve and transmit the Gaucho Traditional Dances.

The folk dance group "Razvitie" from was founded in 1959.The group has become an important team for the promotion of traditional Bulgarian folklore.

Folk Song and Dance Ensemble Dolina was established in 1956.

Association Cultural Al Anouar was founded in 2006 and it has successfully represented Algeria in many a local and international events.

Guangdong Dance and Drama College is a government administrative public college in Guangdong Province and its mission is to promote Chinese folk dance

The Dagestan State Dance Ensemble was founded in 1937. Since its establishment, the ensemble has been carrying out its activities to introduce the folklore, dances, traditions and customs of peoples of Dagestan.

Traditional Indonesian folk dance reflects the richness of different ethnics and culture in Indonesia. In the country there are more than 700 ethnic groups and more than 3000 Indonesian unique dances.

The Folk Dance Ensemble Tantsutallad was founded by Mr Uve Saar in 1997 and the dance ensemble has more than 100 dancers in 6 groups as of February 2015. The ensemble is active throughout the year and it has participated in all folk dance celebrations in Estonia since it was founded.

Cultural artistic association Kud Jedinstvo has started its performance with mixed chorus singing in 1919 and gradually developed several other art sections during its long history

Jacks Group Virgen de la Pena was founded in 1976 by Pedro Garrido Lafuente with the idea of promoting Aragonese folklore "La Jota” among the young in Calatayud. The Ensemble is member of Spanish Federation of Groups of Folklore (FEAF).

State Folk Dance Ensemble of T.R.N.C was founded as an institution depending on T.R.N.C Ministry of Education and Culture Department of Culture in 1973

Academic Center Iskra was founded in 2012 and since that time, it has been aiming at promoting the folk dances of Montenegro at the level of high artistic quality.

 Dance ensemble Kauhar was founded in 1996 by Alina Asangazieva. The same year they became the winner of the competition “Spring Ala-Too 1996” in the nomination of choreography.

The Native Folkloric Ensemble “Rugova” from Rugova of Pejë, was established in

1947 and it is the oldest arts ensemble in Kosova.

Grupo de Proyección Folclórica COQUIBA was founded by Mrs. Ingrid Salazar Pérez on January 2004. The city they come from is San José that is at the same time the capital city of Costa Rica

Alba Regia Dance Ensemble was founded in 1949 by dancers devoted to folklore and the Ensemble currently has over 500 members. The repertoire of the Ensemble includes dances, music and traditions from almost all regions of Hungary.

Ansambl Makedonija is Ensemble of traditional music and folk dance from Macedonia. The city they come from is Skopje and the ensemble consists of the students educated in the field of folk dances and tradition.

Academic Cultural Artistic Society "Ivo Lola Ribar", was founded in 1944 and it is one of the most crucial amateur cultural and artistic societies in SerbiaACAS Ivo Lola Ribar is dedicated itself to the preservation and promotion of traditional cultural and artistic values of Serbia, as well as their stage presentation at home and abroad for more than seven decades.

Hessen Folklore Group participates in the Competition from Hessen state located right in the middle of Germany and the group was sent by the “Hessian Ministry for Science and Culture” to go to Bursa to present Hessian Folklore and Tradition.

The Folk Dance Ensemble Tirana was established in 1978 and the Ensemble consists of a group of dancers, musicians and singers. The performances of the Ensemble include diverse varieties of costumes from different provinces of the country and the costumes are authentic according to the customs of the part of Albania which the music piece derives from. 

Past to Present Golden Karagoz's

President's Message

Golden Karagöz Folk Dance competition, which is the only Folk Dance Competition in the field of its branch, has reached its 29th term.

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